Steps to help you determine which model to choose from


Piped-in or Refillables

What is piped in water dispensers? Piped in water dispensers are connected to the water source so there is NO need to refill water tanks. Constant supply of hot and cold water without disruption will be available. If water source is within 2 to 3m it is good for piped ins. Other than being connected to water source, electrical source is required for heating and cooling element. In offices where you have no water source, it is not good for pipe-ins, you might want to consider the refillable water dispensers. We offer a Mineral Pot Refill Water Dispenser for such requirement. For more info on Refillable, go to Mineral Pot (no option in filtration type & is available only in Standing model) Learn how you can save over $2,400 with Pipe-ins & Refillable water dispensers! If you are looking at Bottled water service providers, you have come to the wrong place :) 


Number of pax using water dispenser Classic  (Pipe-Ins)
Specially designed to cater to light-volume requirements of homeowners or home-office users. Counter - Ideal for up to 10 pax
Standing - Ideal for up to 20 pax Deluxe  (Pipe-Ins)
Specially designed to cater to heavy-volume requirements of big family homeowners and office users. Ideal for use in homes, offices, schools and hotels Counter - Ideal for up to 30 pax
Standing - Ideal for up to 40 - 60 pax
(For 60 pax, it is ideal to get 2 units so that it is more efficient (imagine having to queue at the water dispenser) Refillable
Mineral Pot Refill Water Dispenser - Ideal for up to 20 pax


Type of filtration Ultra Filtration
This is most popular and standard for offices. Effectively delivers safe and clean water. Most offices opt for ultrafiltration. This is good for high capacity environment. 

Nano PH Alkaline
Ideal for people who likes alkaline water filters. Reverse Osmosis
Pure water where a wide range of contaminants and dissolves substances including minerals are removed. More information on water filtration systems


Counter or Standing Counter tops are good for counter pantries and kitchen tops. If space on counter is a concern maybe you could consider a free standing model, which might be good for corners and near the walls. Our counter models are available for up to 10 pax (Classic) or up to 30 pax (Deluxe). Standing models are for up to 20 pax (Classic) or up to 60 pax (Deluxe). Standing models have bigger reservoir capacities and more powerful heating & cooling function than counters so they can cater to more users. 

0% interest-Free up to 6 months / 12 months instalments for DBS or OCBC cardholders. Ask us!