Stage 1: Sediment Filter

Removes small particles. This stage removes dirt and other minute impurities, particles that are 15 times smaller than a grain of sand using a 1.5 micron high quality sediment filter.

Stage 2: Pre-Carbon Filter

Removes chlorine & organic substances. This stage removes chlorine, trihalomethane and other organic substances.

Stage 3: Choice of Ultrafiltration, Nano PH Alkali or RO Membrane

Option 1 - Ultrafiltration Filter

Removes particles as small as 0.01 microns and eliminates harmful chemicals, bacteria, virus and more to provide you with pure, healthy water.

Option 2 - Nano PH Alkali Filter

Product Hydrogen (H) and reduction to rise up Hydrogen ion density improvement of erase function O3 to anti-oxidation by strengthening (-mV) with ORPOxidation Reduction Potential – Nano pH filter: pH 8 – 10 & ORP-100 (-200)mV.


Option 3 – RO Membrane Filter

Removes heavy metals and all types of carcinogenic substances. This stage completely clear water off chemicals and many other microscopic impurities.

Stage 4: Post - Carbon Filter

Enhances the fresh taste of water. This stage provides the natural taste of the water by removing dissolves gases and odors through a high quality granular activated bituminous filter.



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