FAQ What type of water dispensers do we sell?
All Deluxe, Classic, Elegance models are piped-ins except for Mineral Pot Refillable (which is a manual refill).

What are piped-in water dispensers?
There are generally 3 types of water dispensers. Piped-ins, Bottled services & Self Refills. 
Piped in water dispensers are connected to water source directly. You do not need to order any bottles for refill of water. Filtration is done in the water dispenser and hot and cold water is available readily.

How do I know if I can use pipe-ins?
When you have a tap in your office or room in which you would like to place the water dispenser in, you have an accessible water source, you could possibly use a pipe-in water dispenser.

How often does the water filters in the water dispenser need to be changed? 
Depending on usage and quality of water, usually between 6 to 12months

How many filters are there in the water dispensers?
There are 4 filters.

Does the water dispensers come with warranty?
Yes, it comes with ONE year standard warranty on electrical and mechanical parts, exclusive of dispenser taps.

Do I have to fill up online application or card?
No, warranty is automatic so long as your purchase is from us.

Is there option for additional warranty?
Yes, extended warranty is at $200 per year, available only at the point of purchase of water dispenser. Should you purchase 1 year of extended warranty, the cover will be from point of purchase to the end of first 2 full years.

How much is the set of filters?
Each set of 4 filters is sold at $180. There is a special price of $300 for 2 sets. We will deliver and install for you at no extra charge. 

Do we have to lift heavy tubs of water to refill water?
No, there is no lifting required. Water is supplied to the water dispenser directly through the water source and filtered before being dispensed.  

Do we have to open the water dispensers to clean the water filters?
No, you do not have to do that. No cleaning of water filters is required. When changing a new set of water filters, our staff will clean the necessary interior. Customers are discouraged from opening the water dispensers due to warranty coverage.  

Where should I clean the water dispensers?
For hygiene purpose, please clean the dish tray and tap dispensers regularly with a cloth and water (you may want to use mild detergent, but do take care to completely remove detergent).

Are there any indicator on the water dispenser for change of water filters?
No there is no indicator. Filters have to be changed 6 to 12 months

Can I directly fill up a water bottle at the faucet? What is the height from tip of faucet to base?
Please see here

Is installation included in the price of the water dispensers?
Yes, it includes basic pipe-in installation. More about Basic Installation>

What if I need more than basic installation (such as drilling the wall, marble top, copper piping)?
Extra charges may apply or you might want to engage your contractor for that.

How far has the water source be away from the water dispenser?
Ideally around 2m or less. How near has the water dispenser be to the power socket?
The water dispensers comes with a power plug of around 1m long

If drilling have to be done, what surface is not good for that?
We will try to do the necessary drilling and prefers that the surface not be metal and concrete. Wooden surfaces and thin plaster walls are ok. For heavy drilling, you might want to get your contractor to do so. How do I get a pre-installation assessment?
We will be happy to discuss the fasibility with you. You might want to send a few pictures of the area of the water source and the place where you might want to have the water dispenser at to 9001-6441 via WhatsApp so we could do Free assessment. We could do a site visit should it be neccessary.


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