Pipe-ins & Refillable Water Dispensers
Yes, your colleagues and staff deserves the great quality drinking water. Drink well, work well, play well. In the consideration of that, water dispensers & water coolers are indispensable due to the convenience it offers.   You could enjoy the benefits of a water dispenser & still save the Earth & money! We offer 2 types of water dispensers at HappyPenguin - Pipe-ins and Refillable to help you achieve that!  Simple Maths - Per Litre cost
Ordering Bottles for Water Dispensers in Singapore  Bottle Vendor A - $10/19 Litres - $0.52/L
Bottle Vendor B - $12/19 Litres - $0.63/L
Bottle Vendor C - $8/ 3 Gallons - $0.70/L
HappyPenguin Mineral Pot Refill - $69/3,000L - $0.023/L ONLY
HappyPenguin Pipe-Ins - $150/4,500L - $0.033/L ONLY Savings
An office drinking 19 Litres of water a day at the lowest rate (Vendor A) will
save $2,486.40 for using Mineral Pot (($10 - $0.437) x 260 working days in a year) 
save $2,435.34 for using Pipe-Ins (($10 - $0.633) x 260 working days in a year)

Save the Earth
Do away with the transporting of bottles 
Bottled water services leave a high carbon footprint due to the emission of fossil fuel-burning delivery vans & trucks
Order Mineral Pot Refill Dispenser Now!

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