There are many different methods of filtering liquids, especially water, as part of various treatments which are commonly applied to ensure that clean and safe drinking water is supplied for consumption by the public. In very simple terms, membrane filtration employs the same concepts as anyone can observe when making a cup of aromatic tea, for example. Using a teabag and pouring water over it into a cup and then allowing the flavor of the aromatic tea to ‘escape’ through the pores of the bag, while retaining the ‘tea’ inside the bag.

Hot and cold drinking water

While it may be very refreshing to quench your thirst with clear, chilled drinking water, there are also times when having hot water on tap for making beverages such as tea, coffee and even soups is an attractive feature that water dispenser Singapore suppliers have begun to include in their range. 

There are various different types of water dispenser Singapore companies offer for sale or rent, some of the common ones include countertop and free standing dispensing units, which can often be seen in offices and various other workplace environments. Water dispensers typically provides the convenience of having hot and cold water at the fingertips, especially at work and at home.

How does a water dispenser work?

There are basically 3 types of water dispensers. There is a bottled service water dispensers where vendors sell / lease/ loan customers the water dispensers (with no filtration system inside) In return, customers have to buy treated water bottles of water by contract basis. Offices with no water source available in the vicinity usually choose this type of water dispensers.


Why does drinking water have chlorine in it?

Beginning in the 1900’s in the USA public water authorities began to use chlorine as a method of disinfecting drinking water to make it safe for public consumption. This action led to an almost complete elimination of many water-borne diseases which were common at that time. The process of chlorinating drinking water became popular because it was inexpensive, simple to monitor and control, and provided a residual level of protection in the drinking water once it entered into the public water supply. Because of these characteristics the introduction of chlorine into drinking water has long been considered one of the most effective agents for disinfection.

Clean drinking water is essential for good health of a population. In the past many common diseases such as cholera and typhoid were easily distributed through water supply systems which did not have water filters to effectively eliminate such water-borne viruses. Since the introduction of effective water purification treatments around 4 decades ago in Singapore, the impact on general health in many areas has been dramatic. Nowadays, drinking water is further purified through the use of ceramic water filters commonly found in many types of water dispensers.

Many households now use some type of water filtration or purification system for their drinking water to remove chlorine and other potential contaminants in order to improve the look and taste of their everyday drinking and bathing water.

Public water supplies have had chlorine added to them for many decades now in order to kill bacteria or eliminate diseases often carried in water such as cholera and typhoid. Chlorination of water began in the US in the 1900’s and was quickly celebrated as an effective means of disinfecting water and making it safer for consumption.

Pipe-ins & Refillable Water Dispensers
Yes, your colleagues and staff deserves the great quality drinking water. Drink well, work well, play well. In the consideration of that, water dispensers & water coolers are indispensable due to the convenience it offers.   You could enjoy the benefits of a water dispenser & still save the Earth & money! We offer 2 types of water dispensers at HappyPenguin - Pipe-ins and Refillable to help you achieve that!  Simple Maths - Per Litre cost
Ordering Bottles for Water Dispensers in Singapore  Bottle Vendor A - $10/19 Litres - $0.52/L
Bottle Vendor B - $12/19 Litres - $0.63/L
Bottle Vendor C - $8/ 3 Gallons - $0.70/L
HappyPenguin Mineral Pot Refill - $69/3,000L - $0.023/L ONLY
HappyPenguin Pipe-Ins - $150/4,500L - $0.033/L ONLY Savings
An office drinking 19 Litres of water a day at the lowest rate (Vendor A) will
save $2,486.40 for using Mineral Pot (($10 - $0.437) x 260 working days in a year) 
save $2,435.34 for using Pipe-Ins (($10 - $0.633) x 260 working days in a year)

Save the Earth
Do away with the transporting of bottles 
Bottled water services leave a high carbon footprint due to the emission of fossil fuel-burning delivery vans & trucks
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