Hot and Cold drinking water

Most models of water dispenser used in Singapore allow the dispensing of both chilled drinking water and also hot water for making beverages such as tea and coffee as well as instant soups (& instant noodles of course!). The water is usually dispensed by simply operating a tap or pressing a button on the dispenser unit. Many

models of water dispenser Singapore now sells include push button operation and LED indicators showing when water is hot or chilled correctly.


Accident prevention

Children are curious, no matter which part of the world they live in; it’s in their nature. With this in mind many models of water dispenser Singapore homes now include an essential child lock function which avoids accidents by prohibiting the flow of hot water and therefore preventing any accident involving scalding by hot water. If you have young children at home, then this is a feature you should look for on any water dispenser Singapore retailers try to sell you.

Ease of use

Depending on your lifestyle and where you want to locate your water dispenser, you may want to consider if it will be necessary to move it on a regular basis, either for cleaning or to provide drinking water to other areas of the home at certain times. Some models of water dispenser Singapore has to offer now include handles attached to the body of the dispensing unit in order to make it easier to relocate or move the dispenser when required. This is a useful feature for those who require moving their dispenser from time to time.

Drip tray

This is an essential part of any water dispenser and the best designs allow easy removal of the drip tray for emptying the water and also for cleaning purposes. A drip tray which is non-removable can become unsanitary after a while. A well designed drip tray will be able to hold enough water so that it doesn’t need emptying too often.

Safe and effective Insulation

Keeping hot water ready for use requires insulation inside the dispenser unit. This helps maintain the heat of the hot water and helps in efficient use of energy used by the heating mechanism of the dispenser unit. Some of the best models of water dispenser Singapore suppliers sell include glass wool insulation which is superior in terms of durability and thermal efficiency. It is also resistant to fire, and therefore safer than many traditional insulation materials.

Thermostat for hot and cold water

Making sure that chilled water and hot water are always available when required, at just the right temperature, requires an efficient thermostat. It is also necessary to ensure that water is not served too hot to scald or burn the mouth. The best models of water dispenser Singapore companies sell include such a feature, for convenience and safety. It is not only a desirable safety feature but also an essential element for efficient operation of the dispenser unit.

Refrigerated storage space

Good water dispensers also come with a handy storage space, which is normally refrigerated, where drinks and possibly snacks can be kept for short periods of time to keep them fresh and also for keeping canned soft drinks handy for when they are required.

Environmental Friendliness

Many models of water dispenser Singapore now has available for sale are more efficient in terms of using energy than the older models. Look for a model which is energy efficient and certified to be so. This will help reduce running costs and also help protect the environment.

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