Height of Water Dispenser from Bottom to Faucet Tip

Yes, we have been asked the question many times. Users who have used water dispensers before will have this question on how tall the dispensers are so they know if they have to bend their back a little or more to get the water when they have a floor standing unit. We mean dispensers that is free standing (not counter-top ones which you place on counters, as there is usually no issue with those).

No water point in office? Are you looking for 19L/ 5Gallon-bottled kind of water delivery service in Singapore? 

We have received enquiries every day for this. However, we do not have such service. We also do not do rental of water dispenser. We can understand that you are looking at this option likely because you do not have water point in your office. We also understand that it could be quite confusing and time consuming to source and differentate vendors like us and vendors who does the bottled water delivery service.

So We have put together a list of vendors that does supply bottled water delivery service for your convenience. Ain't we sweet?

Thank you for using our water dispensers. To request for servicing, please go to our homepage http://www.waterdispensersingapore.net/ look for the link "Request for servicing" (as shown in following image).

It will take you to the form to fill up request form. We look forward to serving you. Thank you! ~ Servicing Team

If this is your first time looking to buy a hot and cold water dispenser or you are simply not familiar with water dispensers, fret not. There are many types of dispensers, and they can be categorized by various parameters, but when we look at what the customer can or want to use, we always ask customers whether they would like a PIPED-IN dispenser or REFILLABLE.


When you have water source near where you would like to have your dispenser placed, it is possible to go for this type of water dispenser. Many installations are straight forward, typically from under the sink pipe to connect to the dispenser via a 0.25 inch tubing.

Some customers want to know if tall water bottles could be filled up directly from faucet at water dispenser.

Here is the measurement

Classic Counter

Measurement from faucet tip to bottom
w tray: 17cm
w/o tray: 23cm


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