4-Stage Hyundai Wacortec water dispenser

Better water, Better Health for your family and office use

How to enjoy natural Alkaline Water:

Step 1
Choose your dispenser

Do you require Hot & Cold water? We have a range of Hyundai Wacortec water dispensers of different size and capacity (browse here)

Should you prefer non hot and cold dispenser that does not require electricity, we've got it in counter-top style or under-sink style here


Step 2
Choose Alkaline water

Hyundai Wacortec 4-stage filtration has the option of mild alkaline (suitable for general) or non-alkaline. These 4 filters are installed in the Hyundai water dispensers, so no external unsightly dispensers are visible.

4-Stage premium Water Filtration System:
Stage 1 - Sediment
Stage 2 - Pre-carbon
Stage 3 - Alkaline NanoPH (ultrafiltration is available should you prefer non-alkaline)
Stage 4 - Post Carbon Block

Step 3
Order and enjoy better water! You can order online via our cart, or via phone or via Tawk chat.

Benefits of Alkaline Water at a glance
Supports weight loss
Supports better immune System
Better hydration
Supports Anti-Aging
Colon cleansing properties

Better general health

Why Hyundai Alkaline Water?

Smaller clustered water
Hyundai NanoPH water breaks down the water molecules of tap water into smaller number of molecules per cluster called micro cluster. This allows water to be easier absorbed by our body cells to provide faster hydration. This means that it helps our body remove our body waste and toxins easier and with speed. (General water - 127 Hz Alkaline Revivification water - 62 Hz)

Our body and the environment produces oxidants which reacts with our body at cellular level. This oxidants damages molecules, causes aging, disease and inflammation. Hyundai water has strong negative ORP and therefore has the ability to act as antioxidants protect our body against oxidants.

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
The food or drinks like soft drinks we consume can have high positive ORPS leading to health issues. Hyundai Alkaline water retains and contains alkaline minerals which allows for -ORP or the negative reduction potential. Hyundai Waco’s LOHAS Alkali Revivification water* has a strong oxidation reduction potential of 100 - 250mV, thus is a great anti-oxidant for our body.

*LOHAS Alkali Revivification water is technique an intensive method to formation process as copious as inclusion of mineral and hydrogen(H)

Test & Certifications
Here are some tests and certification provided by manufacturer


Why us, why Hyundai Water Singapore
Local reliability, your partner in better water
We have been in the water filtration & dispenser business for more than 6 years and our servicing partner have been in Singapore Home & commercial electrical & appliances business for more than 20 years

Specialised in Hyundai Water
We are specialised in the Hyundai brand and provides full service range and provide parts in for maintenance requirements. This means you will enjoy better after sales support.

Direct to you
Know the factory that produces your water dispensers and filters. We bring them direct from the factory without white labelling, so you can enjoy the assurance that Hyundai Wacortec factory (since 2004) delivers reliability and best value as a global leader in water treatment industry. Direct to you also mean our pricing is transparent, without the "black box" effect thrown into the pricing. We seek to provide a win-win solution to serve the Singapore market.

Humble yet good track record
We have a good track record of esteemed corporate customers and household consumers. Here are some of our corporate customers.

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